Designing a home is a beautiful journey of hurdles and enjoyment. We all want our homes to be diverse from others and unique in style or design that reflects our uniqueness of thoughts while adding some value.This is especially true for one of the crucial areas in any home that is considered the heart of the home, “the kitchen.” 

The family spends a lot of time in their kitchen, from preparing breakfast for the children before school to discussing the whole day’s work. That’s why this place is considered the heart of the home. Along with this, designing your unique and diverse kitchen is a thrilling process, and most people are looking for luxury kitchen design in Beverly Hills with the best storage solution. 

If you are also looking for the best storage solution for your kitchen in Beverly Hills, we discuss all the important aspects of open shelves and cabinets for kitchen design in this blog. This blog will help you decide which is the better option for your kitchen design. 

Storage solutions for Beverly Hills kitchens – Open shelves vs cabinets

Open-shelving kitchens are a creative design concept where the cabinets of the kitchen are replaced by open shelves. Instead of hiding items behind closed doors they appear on the front of the kitchen. They are mounted directly onto the wall, which provides a kitchen with immense space for dishes, cookbooks or decorative items. Open shelves make a kitchen more air-friendly and the dishes or other items on open shelves also look like decorative elements. This is popular for those who want to create a more relaxed, fresh, and modern look in their kitchens. 

Cabinets are box-shaped structures typically found in kitchens, bathrooms, and other areas of the home. In the kitchen, cabinets are used to store cooking utensils, snacks, food items, and other essentials of the kitchen. Cabinets are designed in various shapes, sizes, layouts, and configurations to fulfill all storage needs and create unique structures. Cabinets come in both styles. They will be custom-built to cover specific dimensions, shapes, sizes, and design preferences, or they can be purchased as pre-built units for home improvement stores. They are best for those who want to design custom cabinetry for Beverly Hills kitchens according to their tastes and utilize all the space. 

Functionality and Accessibility

Open-shelving kitchens are cost-effective, convenient, and luxurious in style. Whereas, cabinets are showroom-like in feel, have a variety of designs, and are effective in cost, similar to open shelves. Both kitchen storage options have their pros and cons, so let’s discuss their advantages and disadvantages.

Easy Access

Open shelves provide easy access to storage where all the items are displayed openly so you can quickly grab an item that you need without sliding or opening any cabinet door. 

Unlike open shelves, cabinets have opening and closing doors to access any stored items. Sometimes you have to find what you need because all the items are behind the doors. That’s why cabinets make access to the utensils and items complicated.


Open shelves, as the name implies, provide an opportunity to display decorative items such as elegant dinnerware, lavish glassware, or shining utensils. This makes a kitchen more decorative and beautiful, adds a personalized touch to your kitchen, and makes it more familiar. 

Cabinets come in a variety of styles, designs, and configurations and enable customization according to individual needs. Whether you can’t decorate cabinets like open shelves, you have the opportunity to design or customize cabinets according to your kitchen theme, and even cabinets can be designed to be similar to your kitchen appliances, such as refrigerators, ovens, and dishwashers, which gives an aesthetic look to your kitchen.

Visual Expansion 

Open shelving storage solutions make a kitchen more spacious and open even if they occupy less space. They increase the visual expansion in the kitchen and also frequently pass the airflow so that while working in a kitchen, people don’t feel overwhelmed. Open shelves look more attractive and decorative in appearance. 

Cabinets need more space as compared to open shelves they require opening and closing doors, which covers a lot of space in a kitchen and makes it visually bulky. Although cabinets are already designed according to your kitchen theme, floor-to-ceiling cabinets or dark-colored cabinets make a kitchen more closed-off and bound.

Concealment and Organization

There is one major drawback to open shelves: the items stored on shelves become dusty more easily as compared to cabinets because all the items and utensils are easily visible and attract dust and spiders quickly, so it requires frequent cleaning to maintain stunning and appealing visuals. 

But with cabinets, homeowners can organize all the items behind the doors and keep them neatly clean, and because all the items are hidden, there is no need for frequent cleaning, which helps to maintain cleanliness and the visual appeal of the kitchen.  

Space Optimization

Both storage solutions open shelves and cabinets have their benefits in space optimization. Although, they enhance the space of the kitchen and make it more adorable and luxurious. Both have different ways of enhancing the appearance of the kitchen. While open shelves provide an opportunity to decorate it according to your taste, cabinets provide an aesthetic look in a kitchen. Let’s dive deeper into how both of them are beneficial for your kitchen. 


  • Open shelves give a kitchen more available space by eliminating the barrier of opening and closing doors of cabinets, which makes it more appealing and permits the eye to travel easily into more in-depth and quickly identify items or utensils, making the vibe more expensive and pleasing. 
  • Elevated open shelves are directly mounted on the ceiling wall in front of the eyes, which creates the illusion of taller walls. This small illusion enhances the vertical ceiling space and makes the kitchen look taller and more spacious in appearance.
  • The biggest advantage that open shelves provide is enhancing the natural light, which improves the airflow in the kitchen. Also, eliminating the dark corners and shadows makes the kitchen more bright and shiny. 
  • By displaying all utensils and items openly, shelves reduce the visual clutter by eliminating cabinet doors and making a kitchen less crowded and visually attractive.
  • Covering all the unwanted space in a kitchen and putting it to use is the priority of open shelves, that’s why they are mounted on unused walls or above countertops, which helps in space utilization without closing off the kitchen.


  • Cabinets provide a better storage solution in comparison to open shelves. They neatly cover all the items behind the doors, make the kitchen clutter-free, and clean the countertop and other surfaces, which makes a kitchen more ample. 
  • Cabinets come in a variety of styles, designs, and layouts. This allows homeowners to create custom cabinetry for Beverly Hills kitchens, including a theme or making it visually appealing and similar to their kitchen appliances. A well-planned cabinet layout utilizes all the space in the kitchen and makes it more organized and effective.
  • Concealment of items, cabinets conceal all the items behind the doors, which makes a kitchen cleaner and more streamlined. These concealments create a sense of openness and give a kitchen a clutter-free effect. 
  • Cabinets don’t need to be cleaned daily because the doors attract all the dust and grease, and all the items are safe inside the doors, so it reduces the cleaning time and energy. 

Those are some of the pros and cons of both storage solutions: open shelves and cabinets, Both give you some benefits as well as drawbacks. Now you have to decide which is better for you. How much space do you have? Also, we are discussing practical considerations below. It will help you make a precise decision for your kitchen. 

Drawbacks and Challenges

Both open shelves and cabinets provide countless benefits, but they also have their share of drawbacks and challenges. All those homeowners who are looking for wiser kitchen storage solutions in  Beverly Hills should consider all the following points before making any decision.

Open Shelves

  • Attract Dust Easily: One of the major drawbacks of open shelves is that they attract dust and debris easily. Since they are open, they get messed up easily, and to avoid this drawback, it requires frequent cleaning, almost every day. As a result, they increase the cleaning time and cost of maintenance. 
  • Not get concealed: Unlike cabinets, which provide concealment for items and hide them behind the doors, open shelves don’t have any option to conceal the items, and it makes a problem for those who want an aesthetic and streamlined look in their kitchen but it exposes all the items, including cookware, dishware, etc. Only if the utensils or items kept on the shelves are symmetrical and appeal aesthetically, open shelving works. 
  • Limited accessibility: Open shelves provide easy access to stored items, but they are not suitable for all homeowners. Particularly for those houses that have naughty children, all the items on open shelves are displayed openly, which increases the chance of damage and breakage. To avoid this, homeowners should take care of rearranging the items promptly. 


  • Limited Visibility: One of the major drawbacks of cabinets is that they have limited visibility because every item is concealed behind the doors. This creates a challenge for homeowners to find specific items, or sometimes it becomes frustrating when they forget where they stored a particular item.
  • Installation cost: As we discussed above, cabinets come in a variety of themes, styles, and designs. In addition, they require professional installers to install, who ensure that all the functionality, stability, and storage utilization have been done properly. Although the cost of installation depends on the quality as well, if the quality is high, the cost will be high. 
  • Limited Flow of Air: Cabinets have large wooden boxes and hanging doors as a result, they cover a large space in the kitchen. This can reduce the flow of air in the kitchen if those cabinets are not installed properly and block ventilation and air circulation, causing humidity, moisture buildup, odors, etc. It sometimes leads to wastage of grocery due to  moisture build up in the grocery items.

Practical Considerations

Practical considerations involve the cost, installation, resale value, and long-term impact on the property (home). It makes your decision stronger, whether it will be good for you or not. 

Open Shelves

  • Cost: Open shelving is more cost-effective as compared to cabinets, they require fewer materials and equipment for installation, which results in reducing the cost. However, the cost depends on the quality of materials that can be used or on a professional installation if required.
  • Installation: Installing open shelves is a simpler process, and less labor is demanded as compared to cabinets. It’s directly mounted onto the wall with the help of angles and supports, which makes it a more DIY-friendly option for homeowners, and it only requires one or two working days for installation. Professional installation is needed where the complex setups come in.
  • Resale value: There are some mixed impacts on the resale value of open shelves, where that storage gives openness or a modern and airy feel to the kitchen. Some buyers prefer closed storage solutions provided by cabinets. Although well-designed and well-maintained open shelves contribute to attracting some potential buyers who prefer an open shelving in the kitchen. 


  • Cost: Cabinets demand more cost as compared to open shelves because they need more material for installation, including cabinet boxes, doors, hinges, and hardware, which can especially enhance the cost of kitchen remodeling. In addition, the custom cabinetry for Beverly Hills kitchens requires high-quality materials, and complex layouts can skyrocket the cost. 


  • Installation: Installing cabinets is far more expensive than opening shelves because it requires professional installers who assure alignment, structure, functionality, and stability. It takes a few working days to install hanging doors and smoothly working cabinet boxes. 


  • Resale value: Cabinets are considered a valuable asset for a home in terms of resale value. They provide large storage space and a theme in a kitchen, which gives it a more traditional and aesthetic look and attracts better potential buyers. Well-maintained and well-designed cabinets enhance the overall look of the kitchen, and as a result, they enhance the resale value of the home. 


Choosing the best storage solutions for Beverly Hills kitchens between open shelves and cabinets depends on an individual’s needs, style, space, or preferences. Both storage solutions have their advantages and disadvantages, as discussed in this article. 

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Frequently asked questions

How do I choose an outstanding kitchen remodeling service?

Selecting an outstanding kitchen remodeling service requires careful consideration of several factors. Look for remodelers with a proven track record in kitchen renovations. Assess their portfolio and inquire about their expertise in handling various types of projects. Ensure effective communication, transparent pricing, adherence to timelines, and quality workmanship. Look for guarantees, prioritize customer service, and explore innovative design options to find the best fit for your project.

How to select a worthy kitchen remodeler online?

To select a worthy kitchen remodeler online, begin by researching and reading reviews from past clients to gauge their reputation. Evaluate their portfolio to ensure their style aligns with your vision, and verify their credentials, including licenses and certifications. Assess their communication skills and responsiveness through virtual consultations and email interactions. Request detailed quotes from multiple remodelers to compare pricing and services offered. Choose a remodeler who provides excellent customer service and support, utilizes advanced technology, and offers visualizations or design options to help you visualize the outcome. Finally, consider their online reputation management to ensure a positive experience throughout the remodeling process.

Can the existing kitchen be upgraded to a luxury tech kitchen?

Yes, existing kitchens can be upgraded to luxury tech kitchens through a series of renovations and installations. Begin by assessing the current layout and features of your kitchen to determine what upgrades are needed to achieve a luxury tech kitchen. Additionally, integrated home automation systems, smart storage solutions, high-tech countertops, multimedia entertainment options, and advanced security systems can be incorporated. Professional design and installation services ensure a seamless and high-quality upgrade process. 

Is the open shelving in the kitchen in style?

Open shelves have been around for many years and they don’t seem to go out of trend. They are here to stay.

What makes a kitchen look expensive?

Six tricks approved by the designers that make kitchens look expensive are:

  • Repaint with a classic color.
  • Pay attention to windows.
  • Extend the cabinets to the ceiling.
  • Replace cabinet hardware.
  • Swap out generic lighting.
  • Add contrast through an island.

What color kitchen is timeless?

The pure atmosphere created by a white color scheme will always be timeless for a kitchen.